GFF has designed and is in the process of implementing its major project for trafficked women. The project is designed to “Develop the Entrepreneurial Skills of Returned Trafficked Women in Nigeria”. A 24 month programme focused on Nigerian female victims of trafficking, it seeks to first provide victims with culturally adapted international standard trauma treatment which will specifically address the trauma of the trafficking and the associated violence experienced.

The programme will also include an assessment and evaluation of the existing skill sets and interests in order to strengthen existing capabilities and develop new skills through various training and technology based business and financial literacy. That would lead to linkages with Nigerian businesses, which would foster relationships, business and entrepreneurial opportunities for a successful self-sustaining model of reentry.


Identify, train and mentor returned survivors as future female entrepreneurs while concurrently dealing with their psychological trauma.


This multi-dimensional approach focuses on the reintegration of the female victims of trafficking into society through the following ways:

  • Comprehensive trauma treatment for the victims;
  • Analysis and evaluation of profile of victims to identify those with a passion for business and basic entrepreneurship skills;
  • Building and strengthening capabilities in business and financial literacy through in person training and with a technology based platform;
  • Skills acquisition through mentorships by business owners in apprenticeships and internships;
  • Incubation of start-ups through projects during the mentorship period.

Project Transformation

GFF through “Project Transformation” will commence support to Nigerian victims of trafficking in Italy. Italy is a major destination and transit country for most trafficked and smuggled women from Nigeria. Many of the women who also wish to start a new life need a way of escape and an opportunity that provides them with viable alternatives for return. It would also make greater impact on the women’s success if their trauma is being addressed before they arrive in Nigeria.

With partners of high expertise, GFF is commencing the Italian aspect of the project which will focus on a comprehensive trauma treatment and soft-skills development.