Network of Partners

Golden Faith Foundation has established a network of partners which include:

  1. Asiglobal Solutions
  2. B Innovative Enterprises
  3. Blue Monarch
  4. Courtney’s House
  5. Gender Advocacy for Justice Initiative
  6. Groundswell Edtech
  7. Howard Department of African Studies
  8. International Traumatic Stress & Integrative Healing Consult
  9. Ripplenami
  10. SheNation
  11. Nigeria YALI Fellows

Courtney’s house signed an MOU with Golden Faith on the 31st of July, 2018, who Tina is a survivor of domestic sex trafficking herself, relentless in her fight to protect children from sexual exploitation and the devastation that comes from it, and are collaborating on a number of projects in the U.S., Italy and Nigeria with Golden Faith.

Golden Faith Foundation has signed an agreement with Ripplenami for the technology backbone of the project.